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Francesco Sanapo


Francesco Sanapo

Founder of Ditta Artigianale

Francesco Sanapo is the three-time Italian Barista champion and a true ambassador of specialty coffee around the world. He is also the founder and CEO of the first specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Italy, based in Florence and well know all over the world. Francesco has a lot of projects in the coffee origin and he continues to struggle and raise consumer awareness at the right price for a cup of coffee.
He is the founder of the talent and reality show called Barista&Farmer and He recently won the Italian cup taster championship.

Coffee Careers: Life After The Bar
A panel discussion with a group of inspiring baristas who have developed successful careers after starting out their coffee career in a cafe. From competitors to roasters, our panellists will share their stories and answer your questions on how to navigate a career from behind the bar.