CoLab Milan

Speakers & Panelists


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The Future of Coffee: Impacts Of Climate Change And The Need To Take Action

Niels Haak
Senior Manager Sustainable Coffee at Conservation International


Sensory Communication

Freda Yuan
Head of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters

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The Importance Of Curating An Innovative Menu

Paul Ungureanu
Coffee & Bar Consultant at BOB COFFEE LAB


Coffee Careers: Life After The Bar

A panel discussion with a group of inspiring baristas who have developed successful careers after starting out their coffee career in a cafe. From competitors to roasters, our panellists will share their stories and answer your questions on how to navigate a career from behind the bar.


Francesco Sanapo

Founder of Ditta Artigianale Coffee Roaster


Davide Cobelli

Founder of Garage Coffee Bros.
Coffee Training Academy Verona
Co-Founder, Coffee Training Academy Dubai
SCA Trainer


Freda Yuan

Head of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters

Panel: What's Unique About Coffee In Milan?

Every coffee community has it's own story to tell. From the first specialty cafe to creating competitors we invite local coffee professionals to discuss 'What's Unique About Coffee In Milan?'


Chiara Bergonzi

Founder of Lot Zero